Trading Service

JDL does the best on offering to most flexible, secure & convenient OTC service in Hong Kong. Through JDL OTC platform, client can avoid the low circulation and price fluctuation risk.

JDL team has over 5 years experiences in OTC trading. If client would like to learn more about cryptocurrency and related information, JDL can demonstrate cryptocurrency wallet activation and introduce different coins and their blockchain technology & application.

Trading Procedure

Make reservation and complete the KYC procedure

Trader will set up an individual group to offer the best solution for each client

Arrive JDL and confirm the OTC trading details according to the solution we compromised.

Confirm the trading solution and start transaction with cash & cryptocurrency

Complete Account Opening Form and complete verification at our JDL's office

Private Chat Group created with client's registered number

Buy Cryptocurrency

Preview order with trade details and preliminary rates* in trading room

Count HKD cash to JDL's staff and provide wallet address

Our team confirms client's HKD is counted and well received

Final rates^ will be provided by our team. Client must confirm by signing on the invoice to lock the price

The Cryptocurrency will be sent to your destinated wallet

Sell Cryptocurrency

Final rates^ will be provided by our team. Client must confirm by signing on the invoice to lock the price

Deposit Cryptocurrency into our wallet and send txid to the Private Chat Group

Our team confirms client's cryptocurrency deposit is well received

HKD to be paid out at our office


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