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  1. Cryptocurrencies listing:
    The cryptocurrencies listing on Jack’s Digital Limited (hereinafter referred to as “JDL”) website are not built or created by JDL or JDL’s Website. All information, discussions, analysis or reports, prices, and other information on JDL’s website are extracted from public market and international news, JDL do not provide any advice or issuing any analysis or reports on cryptocurrencies.

  1. Cryptocurrencies circulation:
    Cryptocurrencies are far less circulated than traditional fiat currencies in the market; holding cryptocurrencies might be risky and extremely volatile in price, due to the fact that they are traded on different exchanges and/or other platforms with various pricing on a non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, world-wide basis.

  2. Risk and possible loss:
    You acknowledge and understand that buying and selling in cryptocurrencies may result in partial or total loss of your investment. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged and advised to seek professional opinion from your own financial adviser and to understand your own loss-bearing capacity and financial position. The above risks are not the only risks that are involved in cryptocurrencies, you must thoroughly study all the underlying risks that are involved with cryptocurrencies; any and all losses that might occur to your portfolio will be unconditionally borne by you and we shall not be held liable in any manner.

  3. Changes to Website:
    JDL may, in our sole discretion and at any time, without notice to you, add to, amend or remove any information from this Website, or alter the presentation, substance, or functionality of this Website.

  4. Content:
    All text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photographs, trademarks, logos, (collectively, “Content”), including but not limited to the design, structure, selection, coordination, expression, and arrangement of such content, contained on the site is owned, controlled or licensed by or to JDL, and is protected by trade dress, copyright, patent and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws.

    Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, no part of the site and no content may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any way to any other computer, server, web site or other medium for publication or distribution or for any commercial enterprise, without JDL’s express prior written consent.

  5. User’s Conduct:
    As a condition of your use of this Website, you must not: Trespass, break into, access, use or attempt to trespass, break into, access or use any other parts of our servers Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying this Website Post or transmit any information or software which contains any virus, worm or other harmful component Post, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute or in any way exploit any information obtained through this Website for commercial purposes Upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce, or distribute in any way, information obtained through this Website which is protected by copyright, or other proprietary right, or create derivative works with respect thereto, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner or right holder The Information on this Website is accurate, adequate, current or reliable, or may be used for any purpose other than for general reference The Information on this Website is free of defect, error, omission, virus or anything which may change, erase, add to or damage your software, data or equipment Messages sent through the internet including in connection with the services will be free from interception, corruption, error, delay or loss Access to this Website will be available or be uninterrupted Use of this Website or services will achieve any particular result Defect in this Website will be corrected. You have no rights in or to the information available on this Website and you will not use the Information available on this Website in any manner or for any purpose, except as permitted under these Terms of Use.

  6. Third Party Information:
    This Website may contain information provided by third party providers or sourced by JDL from other references or sources. The information on this Website may not be regarded as any recommendation or endorsement by JDL for any purpose with respect to any person, product or service. JDL is not responsible if any such information is not up-to-date; JDL does not separately verify such Information. Accordingly, we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever in respect of such information. Any use of and reliance on such information is at your own risk.

  7. Links to and from this website:
    The links on this Website may take you to other sites and you acknowledge and agree that JDL and the affiliates have no responsibility for the accuracy or availability of any information provided by linked Websites.

  8. Indemnity:
    You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us and JDL harmless from and against all liabilities, damages, claims, actions, costs and expenses (including without limitation legal fees), in connection with or arising from your breach of any of these Terms of Use and/or your use of this Website. We may, if necessary, participate in the defense of any claim or action and any negotiations for settlement. No settlement which may adversely affect our rights or obligations shall be made without our prior written approval.

  9. Limited Liability and Warranty:
    All Information is for your general reference only. JDL does not guarantee or assume any responsibility that:

  10. Privacy Policy:
    For information about our privacy policies, please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement. You agree to the use and disclosure of your information in the manner set out in our Privacy Policy Statement (as updated from time to time)

  11. Partial Invalidity:
    The illegality, invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms of Use under the law of any jurisdiction shall not affect its legality, validity or enforceability under the laws of any other jurisdiction nor the legality, validity or enforceability of any other provision.

  12. Miscellaneous:
    No waiver of any breach under these Terms of Use will amount to a waiver of any other breach. The headings in these Terms of Use are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation.

  13. Termination:
    We may, in our sole discretion and at any time, without prior notice to you and without cause, terminate all or any part of our services to you and consequentially prohibit your right to access to the services and this Website and remove any information and data linked to your profile or registered account. Notice: This Policy Statement may be amended from time to time without prior notice. You are advised to check for the latest version on a regular basis. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of this Privacy Statement, the English version shall prevail.

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